Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher Dashboard in the Spanish classroom

Teacher Dashboard makes paper obsolete in my Spanish classroom.  I can pass out copies of digital presentations, documents, photos and folders into each students Google Drive.  I first began using the program last year to check on the work students were doing.  I realized that this program was a great way to access everything students were doing in their Spanish folder of their GoogleDrive.  I have now realized that I can send out any document I create in my GoogleDrive as a copy for each student to have.  This has allowed my students to have the template for the class which they can add their work to.  The best part is that I then have access to each one of their assignments to check on their progress.  This has been a great way to copy documents, presentations & spreadsheets.
This is what my Teacher Dashboard homepage looks like.  It lists all of my classes and make it very easy to access the specific class I want.  After clicking on a class I can see each student and all of their folders.  I can then click on a specific folder and see every item in their folders along with when it was last edited.  If I click on a document a new tab will open up within my chrome browser and I will have access to it.  This is an excellent tool to keep track of student progress.

The most productive part comes when you make a copy of a presentation, document or spreadsheet from Google Drive and place it right in each students Spanish folder.  It makes the classroom paper free, because each student gets their own copy.  I now can review their work before they hand it in as well as monitor student progress on the work.  Teacher Dashboard has been a huge help when organizing work to give to students.  I now know exactly which handouts students have as well as what work they have done on their handouts.  

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