Thursday, October 9, 2014

Please read before trying out Super Quiz for automatic feedback!

Super Quiz worked incredibly to automatically grade quizzes on google forms.  The script sent out a google doc to all of my students with a report of how they did on their form just as planned.    Automatic feedback and documents must be approached with caution when dealing with graded tests.  The experience taught me a lot, and I think that it is really important to read about my experience before you use Super Quiz with your students.

1.  Make sure you have edited all of the tabs within google sheets before any student has taken the quiz.

+O Trussell  has created the amazing script which makes Super Quiz function.  He has also configured the grading scale in the tab "auto feedback configuration."  It is very important to change these settings to match your grading scale and feedback that you would like for your class.  The mistake that I made was leaving the letter grade system which was there by default.  It caused students who got 18 out of 20 questions correct to get a B.  This ended up causing a lot of issues after the grades were automatically sent to each student.  Many students and parents were distressed by letter grades much lower than where they should have been.  Please be very careful in editing this part because it is very important for the auto feedback documents.

2.  My advice would be to first try out Super Quiz on a homework assignment or class assignment before counting it as a graded test or quiz.  If you do use it for a graded quiz or test be extremely careful with the grading scale.  Remember partial credit is not possible on these questions.

The bottom line is that the script works and the majority of my students were very happy to have a report sent to them right after taking their quiz.  Just be very careful as to what feedback gets immediately sent out to your students!

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